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Ocho cafe is a Local Mexican restaurant in West Hartford, Connecticut focused on bringing Mexican favorites that showcase the flavors south of the border. Featuring award-winning dishes, signature margaritas, and only the finest ingredients.

With the founders having experienced years in the Mexican restaurant industry, their love for homemade contemporary Mexican food and drinks have given life to a unique and classical menu. Their bar is up to date with plentiful of unique and quality Tequila selections. The atmosphere continues to be cozy and warm, welcoming parties of any size to enjoy their favorite dishes.

Ocho cafe's goal is to make incredible food accessible to all of Hartford and beyond. The Ocho Cafe family aims to maintain utterly great food and provide world-class hospitality to their patrons. With the goal of not just serving excellent food, but adding a whole new generation of loyal guest to the Ocho Cafe family.



Reminds me of home. Great food, music, and friendly service. And the salsa bar!!! Nice hot salsas!

Aida Deary, Facebook

I stopped in for lunch, and was shocked by Both the prices and how much food you get! I had the chicken mango quesadilla, and it was amazing. I also had a margarita (check for their daily specials) and churros (totally worth the calories). This will definitely be a new local hangout!

Sara Smith, Google Reviews(Local Guide)

Tamarind Margarita might be something you should try!! The ambiance, the decor, the service was just right. You get chips and salsa as soon as sitting down and there is a salsa-bar ( very Texan) love it. The table side guac was deliciously delicious!!

Mirian G. Yelp Elite